If you are next trip is going to take you into Utah, specifically Salt Lake City, you definitely need to consider going south on the 15. This will take you right into Sandy Utah, beautiful location that has many different activities that you can do. They have about 90,000 people, making this a relatively small community. There are many hotels that you can stack, as well as events and landmarks that you can visit while you are there. Here is a quick overview of what you can do once you get to Sandy Utah

Sites And Landmarks You Should See

The first place you should go is RioTinto Stadium which is a great place to watch a soccer game. This is a top-notch facility, one that you will definitely enjoy, plus there is a playground for kids. If you are into sports, and you are spending a few days there, see if there are any games. You will definitely enjoy your time at what many people considered to be one of the most beautiful soccer stadiums in the United States. Additionally, you can see Farnsworth Farms which is a great place to get fresh apples. If you are traveling during the spring and summer, this is certainly a place that you will want to visit for a farm experience that you may never have had before. These two places will make your trip worthwhile, allowing you to have fun and really experience farm life firsthand.

Parks And Trails

There are many parks and trails that you can use which will include Storm the Mountain Park. They have recently put it a new playground, and it will be fun for your kids if there with you. Sandy City Dog Park is a location that is designed for people that have brought their favorite canines on their trip. Finally, you can go on a nice walk on Bells Canyon Trail which is relatively steep when you first set out, but levels off quite nicely.

These ideas should show you why staying at Sandy Utah is a good choice to make. It is laid-back in comparison to many of the other larger cities, but it’s a great place to spend a few days. Whether you decide to watch if you games, or check out the incredible scenery, it’s completely up to you. You are simply going to enjoy yourself once you get to Sandy south of Salt Lake City in the beautiful state of Utah.